✔ Do you have EVERYTHING in place to be able to CHOOSE your next role?
✔ To the company you are applying with, you are an unknown, just like all the other applicants!

✔ Do you want to LEARN how to set yourself apart from the others to get offered the position?
✔ Is your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile perfected and completed to stand out?

✔ If not, with the all BA's competing for the same role, you are NOT going to be singled out.


We Enable You

Leverage yourself to your highest potential - BAM!

What is Business Analyst Masterminds?

We are a company dedicated to the Business Analysis profession globally.
Our aim is to provide a virtual space with access to BA tools,

mentoring and discussion with other smart BA people.
BA Masterminds UK is dedicated to people working

in the BA profession in the United Kingdom.

What is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind is when humble people, playing their game at a higher level, come together in a mindset of excellence. Join these smart people in a Mastermind Session - discussing, sharing,

teaching and learning and everyone gets smarter together.

Can you imagine the collective wisdom of a Mastermind of 5 or 15 or even 50 Business Analysts offering you powerful advice based on their own experiences?

If you wish to discuss your current situation with Mark, and how we can assist you further, then please schedule a no-obligation appointment now.

Hi, I am Mark Bruins

Founder, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Knowledge Broker, Environment Warrior, Father to Jess and Gordon. Allow me to take you on our Business Analyst Mastermind Virtual Journey.

A Virtual BA Mastermind is hosted in a Zoom Room where 1-on-1 or peer-to-peer insights and solutions, relating to analysis challenges, problems or issues holding you back in your BA career, are shared. Joining a Mastermind skyrockets your applied skills development, communication and relationships, and balances your freedom, whether you’re in a permanent role or an independent contractor. You will become aware of and understand the vast opportunities for a BA when you participate in any BA Mastermind.

Along the BA Masterminds Journey, various tools and techniques will be made available to you. Powerfully modelled on an international Gold Standard Method, we selected 15 specific tools, tools like the Clarity Tool and the Spotlight Tool, designed to assist you and be employed in the various Mastermind Levels. 

When you sign up for the BA Masterminds Series you will:

  • 1

    Know how to Position yourself, your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to impact your success

  • 2

    Learn how to up-skill yourself and leverage your earnings accordingly

  • 3

    Design and Pursue a career strategy that balances your lifestyle and freedom

  • 4

    Be part of a Global Mindset and attitude ready to face an uncertain future.

What our Silver BA Masterminds expressed:


Business Analyst

I was impressed with Mark Bruins’ ability to engage, support, build a strong relationship and go the extra mile to help all the BA Mastermind Members with their career with his hands-on approach with coaching, motivational speaking, consulting by means of his powerful personality; this won him the respect of all the BA Mastermind members.


Business Analyst

I have nothing but respect and appreciation for Mark and his work. I am always in awe with the continuous hard work Mark puts into ensuring I have the correct tools and techniques to help further my career. I am inspired by his drive to succeed and help others achieve their highest potential.


Business Analyst

I have taken part in Mark’s Masterminds in which Mark shares his invaluable knowledge as a BA. I have benefitted from the tools that Mark has shared with our group that help put your personal development into perspective. Mark is always happy to help on a one to one basis; he always offers a fresh and helpful perspective and he is great to work with!

Our BA Masterminds Memberships

Bronze Membership

The Analyst Elevator Package

* 4 x 30minute instructional videos
* LinkedIn profile and CV remake
* 30-minute Zoom with Mark
* 1 x Professional Photograph
* BAM Links Listing of 5,000 Contactable 1st-degree BA’s

Silver Membership

The Skill Proposition

* Peer-to-Peer Virtual Mastermind Sessions 
* Attend 60-minute Zoom calls each fortnight for 6 months

Gold Membership

The Wisdom Mindset

* Bronze & Silver Membership Benefits & Virtual Masterminds
* Attend monthly 2-hour Virtual Masterminds

* Expert Guest Speakers
* Membership to the BAM! 500 Club

I want access to my own personalised membership page

Test Drive Our Membership Area before you invest
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About Mark

Mark offers over 37 years' of international experience, has held 25 I.T. positions in his extensive career, 15 of them as a contractor and 8 in the United Kingdom. His last few roles were as a Senior Business Analyst, even though he is also certified as a Project Manager and a Microsoft MCSA.

He has been teaching since 1990, and since 2006 has been writing curriculum for his numerous courses from computer networking, software, environmental studies, business skills, web design and now Business Analysis.

In 2019 he decided to get back into knowledge sharing, and attained his certification with the Knowledge Broker Blueprint in the art of creating and delivering a Mastermind. Using his influence and persuasion he managed to on-board numerous professionals in their field to develop and market his Business Analyst Masterminds for the United Kingdom.

If you wish to discuss your current situation with Mark, and how we can assist you further, then please schedule a no-obligation appointment now.

No Worries... We Have You Covered!

These are some of the skills that we teach in our Silver Masterminds

Learn how to consistently add value to your employer and to your team

Get along great within your team and the company

Gain the ability to extend your current contract over and over at a higher rate

Be highly productive by creating a not-to-do list and a to-do list

Be very well liked

Become the go-to person for other BA’s in your team

Show fantastic results that are measurable

Deliver on-time every time whilst always remaining productive

Be seen as the leader in your project team

Who can Sign Up for the BA Masterminds UK Series?


  • BA's in permanent or contractor roles

  • BA's with less than a year’s experience

  • BA's with one or more years’ experience

  • BA's with no certifications

  • BA's with multiple certificates

  • BA's resident in the UK wanting to work remotely

  • BA's with foreign experience wanting to work in the UK

  • Anyone interested in a BA Role or Career


  • Anyone who is afraid to take massive action to get desired results

  • Persons residing and working outside the UK

  • Professional working people who are not BA's

  • People with no BA experience or certifications

  • BA's who are not driven by motivation and success

  • Persons who are looking to retire soon

  • Scholars and full-time students

  • BA's who do not wish to skyrocket their careers

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are in any way not satisfied with your purchase of any of our products, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Just email mark@bamasterminds.co.uk with your reason and we will refund you on the same day.

Mark Bruins

Founder and Owner, Business Analyst Masterminds

Some BA Applications we are likely to cover:

Remote Working and the related Software Applications​

Remote Process Automation and your own contract finding bot​

Certification and/or Non-Certification​

Practice collaboration tools like MS-Team, Slack and G-Suite in our BAM! sandbox environment​

Managing your own company's tax returns and accounting​

We Offer a Full Range Of Products & Services

Start Today! Choose Your Focus Point Below.


In order to enrol for Silver you must have completed Bronze.

In order to enrol for Gold, you must have completed Silver.




once off

  • 4 x 30-minute videos

  • Study at your own pace

  • Easy to follow



per month

If you wish to discuss your current situation with Mark, and how we can assist you further, then please schedule a no-obligation appointment now.


Frequently Asked Questions

This section is updated on a regular basis, as and when we receive new questions. Please contact us should your question not be answered here and we will add it if enough people ask the same question, thank you.

Can I join if I do not live in the UK ?

How do your BA Masterminds work ?

I am in search of a job, what advice can you provide me with ?

As a first step, please watch our Bronze Module 1, it is free of charge. Then book a 1-on-1 Zoom call with Mark to discuss your current situation to see if we are able to assist you. We also offer a free CV review, just email it to mark@bamasterminds.co.uk with a 48hour turn-around.

I would love to know what ‘Business Analyst Masterminds’ is ?

How do your BA Masterminds work ?

Would you be able to mentor/guide me ?

What exactly does the Bot do ?

Bot is short for robot, and it is a piece of software that follows instructions programmed into it. If you know what a set of recorded keystrokes in Excel is, known as a macro, well then a bot is like a macro on steroids. Our bots scrape UK job sites and dumps all the info into Excel, and you can run the bot as often as you like. When you look for a new position you just read the specifications from the spreadsheet and apply for those positions that you are qualified for. Our bots have been developed in UiPath Studio.

How to move from permanent to contract and vice versa ?

Are your Masterminds only for Business Analysts ?

Why are your prices so cheap ?

Could you help me improve my BA skills ?

What else do you offer ?

I am looking for a career overseas. Would BAM help me? Could you give me advice ?

Any advice on how to change jobs and interview preparation ?

Would this course help me gain qualifications that would increase my analytics skills and earning potential ?

Some More Testimonials . . .


Business Analyst

I can certainly say the following about Mark: Detail-oriented, Works with facts, Easily to spot patterns, Open to new ideas, Curious, Extremely organised, Very professional in his relationships with work colleagues, very friendly and approachable.


Enterprise Solutions Architect

I had the pleasure of working with Mark where we determined him to be a good fit for the role due to his proven technical abilities, his international exposure as a Business Analyst and Project Manager. I can highly recommend Mark for any opportunity that is related to the role of a Business Analyst.


Business Support

Mark has a lot of knowledge and does his job with a lot of passion. He uses a correct but efficient way to get his goals. He's also a team player. Overall it is a pleasure to work with him.


Head of Projects

Mark was very tenacious which was a huge plus in a complex, busy, politically charged multi-national organization. Good attitude and enthusiasm on all the activities and projects he worked on. Friendly person who isn’t afraid to reach out to others for clarity or advise to get the correct answer. Good at looking at the needs and providing sensible pragmatic outcomes.



The first thing that struck me about him was his knowledge of the subject, and total dedication towards this project. I worked very closely with Mark and I got to know him as honest, very hard working and a pleasure to associate with. Mark is especially good at coming up with new ideas, getting the team together and planning the way forward.


Principal Consultant

Mark ensured that everything we needed to get our jobs done, was arranged. He also knew who we needed to talk to and made sure that things were smooth. I would definitely recommend Mark as a valuable member in any organization given his extensive experience backed with his impeccable soft and technical skills.


Business Analyst

Always professional and enthusiastic about the challenges at hand, Mark was a reliable source of technical and business knowledge. Mark quickly became the 'go-to-person' within his team because he always acted with complete integrity and delivered timely results and feedback. I recommend Mark because he's one of a kind and I haven't come across anyone else that shows the same level of passion for business optimization as he does.


Service Introduction Manager

Mark is very much a self starter and able to manage the Business Contacts in a friendly/professional manner. He immediately took on responsibility for the creation of a number of Key SI Deliverables e.g The Support Model, Technical Operating Manuals and Ops Docs; all delivered within time and budget. Final quality I would like to highlight is Mark’s eye for details and overall tenacity.


Partner Specialist

Mark was a great asset in the swift resolution of any issues our customers had with the Shell FuelSave Partner system. Always helpful and follows up on all incidents till the problem is resolved.

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